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Report of the session of the UN World Leaders Summit 2020 edition on gender equity

The breakout session “#TargetGenderEquality – Pathways to Parity” took place on the first day of the two-day UN Global Compact Leaders Summit. The session specifically focused on the roles of women in businesses and the distribution of positions of power between genders. In many companies, the higher positions of influence and power have significantly fewer women employed. This phenomenon is not regional but in fact, can be found globally, thus speakers from all over the globe were invited to discuss the issue. Especially when it comes to positions on boards, there are barely any women placed in most companies. The session further aimed to set a light on the issue of female employment in the context of the Covid 19 crisis. The speakers discussed possible learning effects the situation could encourage for the future. It lastly also targeted female entrepreneurship and possible improvements of support systems for women in innovation.